Woodcraft Woman:

Sammy Morris

I was born and raised in California's Mojave Desert, where I lived amongst my many pets and made art at every chance. This need to create and connect with the natural world has been the focus of my life- consistently experimenting with different art mediums, always focusing on animals and the living.


The birth of Woodcraft Woman was as natural and organic as the materials and subjects it revolves around. In late 2014, I was inspired to use an under-utilized woodburning pen to create a pyrographed portrait of a bull which I then posted on social media. Soon after, I received multiple requests for custom woodburnings of different animals and people. Years later, I have completed over 300 customized pyrography commissions, ranging from pet memorials to specialty maps, leather jewelry to musical instrument personalizations. A deep emotional understanding of both subjects and clients paired with an obsessive sense of detail set Woodcraft Woman's custom artwork apart from the rest. 

I quit my day job as a naturalist in the spring of 2017 to see Woodcraft Woman through to her full potential. My hope is to help all clients translate their love in a tangible way, through the ancient and sustainable art of pyrography.

Visit contact page to make a custom request or for any further inquiries. 

Notable Commissions, Contracts, and Volunteer Projects

University of California, San Francisco. San Francisco, CA. 2014

Health Professional Face Cut-out Boards
In a push to get youth interested and interactive with UCSF in community settings, I was commissioned to create 5 face cut-out photo boards representing different health professional roles and opportunities that are available at UCSF. I designed, painted, constructed, and hand-delivered these self-supportive interactive pieces. 

San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. San Francisco, CA. 2014

Camp Mather Face Cut-out Boards
I designed and co-created two six foot tall wooden face cut-out photo boards for the iconic Bay Area family camp, Camp Mather. 

Centro Escolar Henry Ortiz. Los Quebrachos, Morazan, El Salvador. 2015

Torogoz and Salvadoran Seal Murals
I traveled to rural El Salvador and painted with kids, aged 7-16, teaching basic painting and scaling techniques and guiding them through each mural. I designed and prepared the mural space by making a "paint-by-numbers" situation so the youth could take control and create nationalistic art on their school with the Torogoz, an iconic Central American bird, and the Salvadoran flag's seal. 

Un-Cruise Adventures. Seattle, WA. 2016

Logo Design/ Cedar Grilling Planks

I designed a Pacific Northwest themed graphic logo for a small ship adventure cruise line, and hand burned the design onto 300 red cedar grilling planks. The pieces were sold on the cruise's 6 vessels in gift shops and used for various promotional causes.